GUAM Food is a must!

Shredded Chicken Empanadas

“The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating it.”

-John Walters

I can’t even begin to tell you all about how amazing Guam food is. Guam? Never heard of it? Well, maybe you could use Google every now and then. Since you are here though, I will tell you a little about this island that is my home.

Guam, or Guahan, is a tiny little tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It happens to be a United States territory and is home to the Chamorro people, as well as many other cultures and races. We are one big, but tiny, melting pot! Anyway, the food is amazing and I always wondered how I never grew up knowing how to cook any of these delicious dishes. Now that I am living in California and have been stateside for almost seven years, I have decided that I need to learn the ways. Starting with cooking, of course!

These past two days, my boyfriend and I, have been learning how to make chicken empanadas. I have never made these before in my life. Mind you, my boyfriend is Vietnamese and had never heard of Guam until he met me. So kudos to him! He loves food from Guam and quite literally makes me want to jump for joy. Last night, we made chalakilis, which will be the filling, and then this morning we made the outer shell. I always thought it would be the hardest thing to do-making empanadas, but it was so easy. I definitely recommend anyone to make it! Look up some Youtube videos or Google it, duh!

Cross your fingers everyone!

I will say though, I haven’t fried it yet because as we speak, type, read…the empanadas are in the freezer hardening before we can actually fry them. Sooooo… I’ll update you on how great they turn out.

*I’ll update you all on the next post as well as a recipe and ingredient list.

UPDATE -02/18/2019

I have the recipe typed out and ready for you to get to business! I fried the empanadas and loved them instantly. I also figured out what I need to fix for next time. It’s always the best part about learning something new..learning how to fix it.

Here’s the link to the tortilla press:

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