Down with the sickness.


There is no reason to sniff a rose that hard, am I right? I mean, unless you really needed to inhale every last rosebud or maybe you just tried too hard to look adorable in the photo. Either way…it isn’t necessary.

Just like this awful sickness that I have today. And yesterday. And probably the day before that. I want to stop coughing. I want my nose to stop dripping whenever it feels like it. I want my body to quit feeling so sore. I want my boyfriend to stop shoving medicine down my throat because I know he cares a lot, but I’m just an asshole who refuses to be sick.

I’ll be in bed all day today, which is nice. I guess I did need to do this, but I also feel like shopping and decorating the apartment and also getting this damn smoke detector to stop chirping. There isn’t a fire! The battery is new! I already reset you! I don’t understand! MAKE IT STOP!

Ending this with a simple good-bye and a “stay healthy” quote: An apple a day keeps the doc-…An apple a day keeps anyone away if you throw it hard enough.

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