It’s a new year…and I refuse to repeat the inevitable “New Year, New Me”, but how can I not, right? It is what it is. A new year and a new me. At least a new way of thinking that is. 2019 will be a different year for me (crossing fingers harder than ever). I am striving to be more healthy, more active, and way more motivated than last year. I need to check off plenty of items on my list of things I MUST GET DONE. It’s happening…slowly, but it’s moving and that is all that matters.

Also, I would like to share that I made it to 26 this past year and, I must say, I don’t feel a huge difference, but I do realize I’m way closer to my Dirty 30 now than when I was 25. Eeek! Does anyone else feel like they’re running late to something or to somewhere, but don’t even know what they need to bring along with them. I just know its close and I am not prepared whatsoever. Nada!

I hope everyone jumps on their list of things to do this year and I pray that we all can get it done. In the most motivating words that come to my mind at the moment from Linguini in Disney’s Ratatouille, “LET’S DO THIS THING!!”

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